Domenico Alberti


Domenico as he is know is from Italy. He entered into his family early in the 21st century. Domenico was one of the first born elven children. His family was shocked by his birth but cared for him deeply. His family was fairly affluent and paid for his education personally. This prevented him from experiencing many of the racist tendencies that were very apparent with the early metahumans. He went through the normal education systems till he was in his early 20’s. At this point he learned that he possessed magical abilities. Domenico sought out a master to teach him how to properly harness his abilities. He found this master while touring throughout Southern Europe. This fateful meeting happened while the man currently known as Domenico was in Romania.

He returned to his beloved homeland and studied and worked underneath the Alps for nearly a decade. During this time Domenico developed an interesting personal life that he had to leave behind. Also, during this time Domenico made enemies with the Mafia throughout Italy. As some people close to him were killed by the Mafia for unknown reasons. Domenico killed the men and has hated the Mafia ever since. His hatred of the Mafia and his personal vendetta against them got Domenico into a lot of trouble. So much so that Domenico had to leave his beloved homeland for a while. Domenico smuggled himself away to Seattle.

There, he established himself as a gun for hire to fight the Mafia and gain knowledge. He’s worked with a number of interesting Shadowrunners since then. He hopes to return home someday.

After making powerful enemies of Lone Star he is currently gone into hiding.

Domenico Alberti

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