Tag: Shadowrunners


  • Vincent

    Only known as Vincent. The enigmatic Shadowrunner is loosely affiliated with an international organization that hunts down human traffickers.

  • Domenico Alberti

    Domenico as he is know is from Italy. He entered into his family early in the 21st century. Domenico was one of the first born elven children. His family was shocked by his birth but cared for him deeply. His family was fairly affluent and paid for his …

  • Seven

    A Shadowrunner who specializes in long range rifles and has limited magical capabilities. *Vanished off the grid, may be hiding with Dominco*

  • Missh

    A morally driven Runner who cares deeply for the people around him and aims to build a better world. He has a diverse skill set.

  • Red Tree

    A Native American who has a powerful control over the manipulation of the mundane plane, but has limited understanding of the greater forces of magic.

  • Zero

    A hardline Shadowrunner who recently went toe-to-toe with the player group losing his team to them, and has been reduced to ash. It appears he was an undercover Lonestar officer.

  • Sage

    He sacrificed himself for his ultimate devotion, a pure manifestation of Love.